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15th November 2019

10 step process Arnold Clark use to cut costs and improve business efficiencies each year

In the automotive industry it is well known that vehicle transportation requires a lot of time, logistic management and money.

But it doesn’t always have to.

There is a method proven to cut these costs and improve efficiencies in the vehicle delivery process.

Transportation companies throughout the UK such as Arnold Clark, as well as smaller family owned transportation businesses, have used a simple 10 step process created by the vehicle delivery and fleet management software, AutoVisor.

In fact, David Green, the Transport Manger of Arnold Clark has said “I cannot understand how we managed without AutoVisor”

So, how does it work?

Starting from the very beginning,

Taking Care of Your Customer

The vehicle delivery process always begins with a customer requesting a movement. Whether this is an individual or a business customer, this process is committed to delivering high customer satisfaction levels.

Step 1 involves a customer enquiry. Requests made by phone, e-mail or the online customer portal (where they can track progress throughout the journey) will be recorded on AutoVisor.

Step 2 is when AutoVisor will generate an instant quote. With the collection and destination addresses and information on the type of vehicle and customer, AutoVisor will use an algorithm customised to your company to generate a quote for your customer.

Step 3 allows the customer to access the quote online, by phone or email where they can accept or discuss with a member of staff.

So far, so good. Your customer is satisfied with the convenient booking and quick response.

But what happens next?

Assisting Job Scheduling

Now that your customers request has been logged, this process helps your staff deal with the logistics.

Step 4 AutoVisor creates a job. The system integrates with Bing! Maps to help staff schedule jobs optimally. Staff can intuitively assign jobs to drivers using the simple drag and drop feature.

Step 5 The driver is informed of the job on their AutoVisor vehicle delivery app which can be installed to a mobile or tablet device. They can then accept and drive straight to their vehicle collection address…

And just like that, the job has been scheduled and the driver is on their way.

Andrew Land at Sturgess Motor Group has found this to be hugely beneficial to their company stating “One of the best things about AutoVisor is it is so easy to use for all users, and its quick – we have cut out so many email requests for moving vehicles that the time saved in creating jobs is enormous.”

Now that the driver is well on his way, he/she can be assisted by AutoVisor as soon as they arrive.

Assisting the Driver

From the moment the driver arrives at collection, the software supports them.

Step 6 When collecting the car,  the driver can use the app to record vehicle details such as mileage, damage, number of keys and store photographs for evidence of vehicle conditions.  The software also captures GPS coordinates and an electronic signature.

Step 7 While your driver is in transit,  staff at HQ can monitor jobs and provide estimated delivery times.

Step 8 Your driver has completed the job and delivered the vehicle to the customer! Here they can use the app to repeat step 6 to complete vehicle inspection and walk around to record full details of the vehicle.

Your customer has had their vehicle delivery completed. And it was so simple!

Now the customer is happy, what about your organisation?

Completing the Job

Your organisation is kept running smoothly as the process facilitates a fast turnover of income.

Step 9 Electronic proof of delivery (ePod) along with all vehicle information is provided to HQ via the online portal or through electronic PDFs.

Step 10 The invoice is raised immediately. AutoVisor will link to Sage or generate custom invoices as soon as the delivery is made, giving a fast turnover of cashflow.

It’s that straightforward.

The whole process has been completed without the need for any paper-based operations which so easily get lost and can cost substantial amounts of money.

With the efficiencies the software creates, it’s easy to see why companies such as Glasgow Car Movers have said “After a 30 minute demonstration we knew we needed to use this for our fleet. AutoVisor was installed in 2016 and we have streamlined our operation and started saving time and money immediately.”

The software solution is used by market leaders such as Arnold Clark, demonstrating the quality of the system. But the best part is, it is completely scalable and can be used within organisations of any size hence why the software is also used by family owned companies such as Grayline Transport.

All transportation companies can use this transferrable 10 step process in order to streamline their transport management.

AutoVisor can be emailed at  or contact Iain or Bobbi via telephone at 0141 404 5826 for any enquiries or if you would like to arrange an onsite demonstration.

Conveniently, AutoVisor also hold weekly online webinars every Thursday at 12.30pm so you can see the software in action from your desk – taking up only a half hour of your time.

With only a short demonstration required, vehicle transportation companies have nothing to lose!

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