Contractor Portal

AutoVisor Contractor Portal – Making Working with Third Parties Easier

Are you a vehicle transport company or department who works with third party organisations to help with the movement of vehicles?  If so, AutoVisor Contractor can help.


Simple Planning for You and Your Subcontractors

AutoVisor provides you with an intuitive drag and drop job planning system to allow you to build workloads for your drivers.  If you work along side third party sub contractors you can allow them access to the AutoVisor Sub Contractor portal.  Simply drag work to your desired sub contractor and it will become available to them in the portal when they sign in using their details.


The sub contractor can use the portal to:

  • receive work which you have assigned to them (no need to send emails)
  • update work which they have completed
  • provide additional information for jobs (such as fuel used)
  • view historic work


You’re Always In Control

As the ‘owner’ of the AutoVisor solution, you are in complete control as to who can access what and when.  User accounts for sub contractors can be easily created or restricted as required – there are no limits to the number of sub contractors you can use with the system.  You can also set a maximum number of ‘live’ jobs on a sub contractor basis – meaning, if you want to try out a new contractor you can give them a maximum number of jobs to test the waters.


See it in Action

If you would like to see the sub contractor portal in action, why not attend one of our weekly webinars which run twice every Thursday, or call us and we can arrange a time to give you a personal demonstration online or face to face.