AutoVisor POD

Electronic Vehicle Proof of Delivery by AutoVisor

Introducing the AutoVisor POD – Electronic Vehicle Proof of Delivery.  An AutoVisor integrated component allowing a consistent, professional and paper free alternative to vehicle collection and delivery documentation.


What is the AutoVisor Proof of Delivery?

Put simply, AutoVisor POD is an Android phone or tablet application which can be used, by drivers delivering or collecting a vehicle, to capture ‘proof’ of collection and delivery as well as the state of a vehicle.  AutoVisor POD is an intuitive mobile application which will guide drivers through the collection and delivery process ensuring a consistent, paperfree process is always followed.


What are the Benefits of the AutoVisor Electronic Proof of Delivery system?

There are numerous benefits to using the AutoVisor POD system, including:

  • Send work electronically to a driver (even when the driver is off site, no need for paper)
  • No more waiting for shabby paperwork to be returned before job invoicing can be raised
  • Completely consistent approach by all staff when collecting and delivering vehicles
  • The ability to capture photographs of vehicle condition which can be made available to your customers
  • The ability to see ‘geographically’ where a vehicle was collected or delivered using GPS from the device

Our customers tell us that the biggest problem they face is ‘paperwork hell’ – there is simply too much paperwork which has to be processed before invoices can be raised.  AutoVisor POD streamlines this process to help you provide a better service to your clients, and increase your cashflow by allowing faster invoice turnaround.


See it in Action

Don’t just take our word for how much time and money can be saved, come along to one of our weekly webinars which run twice every Thursday and see for yourself how AutoVisor can help streamline your vehicle transport business.