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Arnold Clark

The Beginning – Stock Management

AutoVisor began working with Arnold Clark in the year 2000. At this stage, Arnold Clark required simply a vehicle stock management system which would allow all of their branches to view all stock along with specific vehicle details, location, damage and more. Arnold Clark has now grown to the point that they have in excess of 8000 vehicles across 12 compounds plus tens of thousands more across dealerships– which are all managed using AutoVisor.

Watch the video below to hear David Green, Transport Manager at Arnold Clark, explain how the organisation utilise AutoVisor to improve business efficiencies in terms of vehicle stock management.

Vehicle Transportation Solution with POD

After using AutoVisor’s stock management tools for some years, the system evolved into a complete logistics solution which incorporated the movement of vehicles. Arnold Clark have their own internal Vehicle Transport department and as such, they make full use of our vehicle delivery software to manage the planning of over 10,000 vehicles every single month.  Our simplified drag and drop interface allows ease of planning of job workloads to drivers.  David Green has commented that minimal training was required for staff as the system is extremely user friendly.

Further to this, Arnold Clark make use of the POD driver app during the collection and delivery process. Their drivers use our app to receive full details of movement jobs which they will then collect and deliver and use the app to complete vehicle checks, record damage and obtain an electronic signature and proof of delivery.

Arnold Clark have commented that the drivers love using the software in comparison to fighting with bits of paper in the wind and rain and also due to the fact the risk of losing paperwork is nullified which means that issues arising from lost POD or missing evidence of damage no longer occur.

Arnold Clark’s subcontracted drivers also all use the driver app which links directly to their main system. AutoVisor will also automatically calculate drivers’ time sheets, expenses and invoices which makes it the perfect, time saving tool for handling subcontractors’ wages.

One of the greatest benefits of using this system is that all of this information and real time updates can be fed back to branches and customers. Previously, Arnold Clark had relied upon numerous phone calls and imperfect information whereas, now, branches and customers have complete visibility of up to date information via the AutoVisor system.

Improving Efficiency through Customer Portal

Arnold Clark also make use of a version of our customer portal. As Arnold Clark have their own internal transport company, their customers are simply their various branches throughout the UK. The portal allows all 200 branches to have the ability to request vehicles to be moved for the purpose of a vehicle sale. The requesting branch will have access to all required information regarding their delivery including when it was collected, delivered, any damage and proof of delivery. This has made a huge improvement to Arnold Clark’s operations, with the Transport Manager saying “the complete visibility, ease of planning and communication with drivers and the office is second to none”

The video below gives a full explanation of how Arnold Clark use AutoVisor for vehicle deliveries and what they view as the key benefits of doing so.

Hire Drive

More recently, in 2017, we worked with Arnold Clark to create a bespoke extension to their operations concerning the hiring of vehicles. Our HireDrive software has added the extra functionality of obtaining proof of delivery for any rental vehicles they deliver and collect to their corporate customers. In addition to this, our software can generate Vehicle Condition Forms and electronic Rental Agreements which are then emailed to customers.

Similarly to the main vehicle delivery system, the main web app can be used as a workflow tool, allowing office users to coordinate deliveries and collections. Drivers are assigned to a delivery or collection and they can then complete collection or delivery via a tablet or mobile device, recording any items of damage, and relevant details such as the mileage of the vehicle etc.  All of the information collected is visible via the web app by office staff. Due to this, the web app can be used if any disputes with customers arise as they have the ability to download photos of the vehicle and damage and view coordinates of drivers to assess their whereabouts and ETAs.

Quality Check

In tandem with Hire Drive, we also created software to accompany Arnold Clark’s quality check procedures. Our software allows Arnold Clark to carry out inspections on vehicles on a mobile device to ensure they meet standards before being transported to a customer. The results of inspections are sent back into the main AutoVisor desktop and there is also a customised web app for Quality Check which allows Arnold Clark to view a visual dashboard and run reporting on their Quality Checks.

We highly value the strength of our business relationship with Arnold Clark and it has been a pleasure to continuously work with them in developing their systems to improve efficiencies as per their requirements.

If you are currently managing vehicle stock and vehicle movements using a convoluted and time-consuming method, get in touch today. We understand how busy you are, but if time is a constraint, let us get some of that back for you. We are often up and down the M6 and M1 visiting our clients and we are happy to pop in to see you for a quick chat.