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Glasgow Car Movers

“Would we be able to manage the level of work we do without AutoVisor? Well I wouldn’t want to try”

Glasgow Car Movers are based in central Scotland and have an extensive fleet that transports vehicles nationwide. They were looking to work more effectively due to their old legacy way of operating. Upon our first consultatory meeting, it was agreed that there were a few things causing huge inefficiencies and cost to the business:

  • Extensive monthly spend on paper, postage and administration costs
  • The lead time from delivering vehicles to generating invoices was slow
  • The lack of real time information increased the likelihood of delays occurring, at an inconvenience to customers.

As Glasgow Car Movers often work with Arnold Clark, they experienced first hand the time and cost savings that could be gained from installing the AutoVisor system and have commented;

 “After a 30 minute demonstration we knew we needed to use this for our fleet. AutoVisor was installed in 2016 and we have streamlined our operation and started saving time and money immediately.”

Glasgow Car Movers installed the AutoVisor Desktop, Driver POD and Customer Portal elements of the AutoVisor system. This helped solve the afore mentioned problems through a few key elements:

  • Jobs are now uploaded onto the central system either by members of staff or customers directly requesting movements through their customer portal.
    Staff are able to intuitively assign the workloads to specific drivers. This facility allows GCM to create automatic quotes and give accurate estimations of delivery time.
  • Drivers receive their jobs on a mobile device, where the functionality of the system allows them to electronically create vehicle inspection reports, record vehicle damage and gain proof of delivery.
  • Access to real time information and real time tracking means customers are constantly kept up to date and the likelihood of delays is decreased.
    The elimination of paperwork means administration costs are reduced, and now the transport management process is simpler. A number of admin staff were able to be redeployed to more profitable work.
  • The amount of time from completion of a delivery to sending of invoices has reduced from 10 days to 1 due to the online availability of POD documentation and the integration with their invoicing systems which eliminates re-entry of data.

AutoVisor was easily integrated into the business and the user-friendly system meant staff training was minimal. Drivers required only 10 minutes of training in using the software and benefited from the reduced level of paperwork and improved online communication.

Glasgow Car Movers experienced immediate benefits after installing AutoVisor with the main benefit being the improvement of cash flow. The entire process of transporting cars has become faster, streamlined and more efficient, and as a result they have quickly seen a return on investment within months.

Enhanced cashflow management, better communication and greater customer satisfaction has been a testament to the installation of AutoVisor.