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Sturgess Motor Group

Sturgess Motor Group have been established since 1897 and currently own 9 branches across the UK, they pride themselves on being the oldest family run car dealership in the UK and have been a trusted name in the industry for over 120 years.

In 2017 Sturgess were in the process of developing their new PDI centre and required stock management software to streamline operations. Brindley Garages had recently implemented AutoVisor and after seeing their improvements alongside their positive referral Sturgess Motor Group approached AutoVisor MD, Iain Dunbar, to view our system.

After their business consultation and AutoVisor demonstration Sturgess Motor Group chose to implement AutoVisor due to its simplicity yet comprehensive functionality. Originally, they opted to install our software in one branch to streamline their processes and reduce admin time.

For their staff it was a user-friendly process that saved them time and hassle. Upon receipt of stock they can barcode and book vehicles in using an android tablet or device, our software then guides them through the process of capturing full vehicle details such as damage inspection, images and chassis number.

Within minutes of your stock delivery staff have booked all inventory in complete with full vehicle information, including images, and there has been no unnecessary stress or flimsy paperwork to contend with. Furthermore, branch and sales staff can access this data and request a vehicle movement internally or to customer location.

For Sturgess Motor Group, this reduced pressure on staff and boosted morale as they could complete PDIs confident that all information was stored online and accessible to relevant personnel. It significantly lowered the time spent on admin, removed the risk of missing documentation and the associated financial risks.

Following the improvements created within their PDI centre Sturgess Motor Group chose to scale AutoVisor and implement it within all their branches to maximise their results.

Speaking on the benefits of AutoVisor, Chris Fogg, Logistics Supervisor, said

“AutoVisor has been seamlessly introduced to Sturgess following our bespoke training and implementation plan, staff have found it easy to use and there have been substantial benefits across every department. The system is seamless from cars being delivered from the transporter to the customer, AutoVisor manages the entire process and drastically reduces pressure and stress on staff”

With full visibility across all sites, increased efficiencies and streamlined stock management Sturgess have seen vast improvements across the board since installing AutoVisor.

Speaking on this Chris Fogg, Logistics Supervisor, said

“We expected to shorten our stock take time and simplify our stock management processes; however, we have seen improvements in areas we were not anticipating. We have seen increased productivity, time and cost savings and AutoVisor has helped in disseminating knowledge”

To benefit from one complete unified system Sturgess Motor Group also introduced our vehicle movement logistics toolkit to ensure complete simplicity from stock booking through movement and planning to invoicing. This has increased communication between departments, automated processes and saved valuable time.

Sturgess Motor Group and Parts Tracker

When Sturgess Motor Group were looking to introduce software to their parts department to increase efficiencies they approached AutoVisor MD, Iain Dunbar for his expertise and advice. From this Parts Tracker was designed and built to suit the needs of the business and support their processes.

Speaking on this Logistics Supervisor, Chris Fogg stated that

‘Once again we are really happy with the outcome, Parts Tracker makes the business run smoothly and keeps everything on track. Our experience with Iain and his team has been excellent at all times and they are always professional’

Speaking of his experience with Iain and his team, Chris Fogg stated that

“Iain and his team have been completely professional throughout the experience and are always willing to help, the introduction of parts tracker has streamlined every aspect of Sturgess Motor Group and has become a truly indispensable part of our operations now”

Since working with AutoVisor Sturgess Motor Group have seen significant improvements, they have benefitted from streamlined stock management, simplified vehicle movement processes and increased efficiencies.

Both AutoVisor and Sturgess Motor Group are looking forward to the future of this partnership and the projects that can be completed.