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Vale Vehicle Movements

Operating from the Midlands Vale Vehicle Movements have over 25 years’ experience in fleet management and vehicle movement. Established since 1995 they work on a national level and have completed over 600,000 vehicle movements, there is no vehicle too far to reach.

Their reputation for excellence and experience meant that they needed a reliable, comprehensive software that used the latest technology and would generate the best results available. AutoVisor software guarantees this and it has proven successful said General Manager, Mark Davies.

VVM were previously using another electronic vehicle movement software, however, felt it was somewhat inflexible to the needs of the business and wasn’t meeting expectations. They needed new software that was at the forefront of technology and strives to produce the best results for your company. Our software had to be able to meet the busy and challenging environment of VVM as their experience showed that the lack of such a software would severely restrict the customers they could work for and the movement types they could complete.

Following a conversation on LinkedIn, AutoVisor MD, Iain Dunbar, paid a visit to Vale Vehicle Movement to meet with management and conduct our initial business consultation alongside a demonstration of our software. This initial meeting allowed for a deep insight into their business processes and to fully understand their requirements. This is key to our success and building a productive working relationship.

Speaking of AutoVisor, Mark Davies, Vale Vehicle Movements General Manager said

 “AutoVisor suited the needs of the business and gave us the ability to use a single integrated package from movement booking through control to invoicing… On a personal level we bought in to working with Iain and his team at an early stage”.

After our bespoke implementation and training procedure AutoVisor was up and running within Vale by February.

Mark Davies, VVM General Manager, has said that the integration of AutoVisor has been the most effective part for them.

“Integration of planning, control and invoicing to one system has reduced duplicated effort, simplified our IT system and resulted in reduced cost. On a practical level the ability to see future work and plan further ahead has permanently altered the way in which the logistics department works”

In unifying their systems Vale Vehicle Movements has seen an improvement in job processing time, invoicing and a less labour-intensive workplace. The benefits have been felt throughout every department, especially admin which is enjoying a less disjointed work environment.

Since January AutoVisor has redeveloped their POD app, Customer Portal, real time vehicle tracking and built a more detailed Vehicle Damage Interface to ensure we are exceeding expectations. The company has won numerous new contracts since the beginning of the year with many transport managers keen to see our software.

Iain Dunbar, AutoVisor MD said

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Vale Vehicle Movements, we have enjoyed getting to know the team and introducing our software to them and are looking forward to our future business relations. This is an exciting time for AutoVisor, we have many new projects in the pipeline and our team is eager to launch them.”

Contact us now for a free demo of our software, this is completely informal and the chance to find out more about the impact AutoVisor could have on your business operations.