Features & benefits

Improved customer enquiry and order service – more competitive customer service

Customers can order vehicle movement jobs online using an online customer portal. Users can track progress from collection to delivery, as well as obtaining access to proof of delivery documents and invoicing.

Customised Reporting – more accurate and efficient management

A consistent and company-wide stock control and job management system means management can retrieve accurate and relevant reports when they need it. With the ability to have custom reports or dashboards built for your company, AutoVisor always provides great data real-time.

Managing third party contractors – efficient and cost saving relationships

If you sub-contract vehicle deliveries AutoVisor can give the subcontractors access to your system to view and complete their jobs. Sub-contractors with their own installation of AutoVisor can seamlessly import work from your system to ensure data accuracy and efficient job updates.

Centralised vehicle stock management – time and cost savings

If you are storing high value assets during the job movement process, or as part of dealer stock, AutoVisor can provide a centralised view of all assets across all stock locations.

Company wide job movement planning, scheduling & invoicing – time and cost savings

AutoVisor facilitates the planning of vehicle movements, prioritising customer requests, and assigning jobs to drivers (even subcontractors). Integration with Bing! Maps provides precise distance calculation to ensure you cost your jobs accurately. With optional integration into Sage Accounts you save time on invoicing too.

Multisite – scalable and low cost investment

One site, two, two hundred or more? AutoVisor scales quickly and efficiently to allow all of your organisation to benefit from one consistent system, whatever your size.

Limitless users – low cost powerful business tool across the company

All employees can be given access to all orparts of the AutoVisor system, from overall stock and job management to drivers with access to the mobile app driven PoD system, or a customer/sub contractor with access to the online portals

Customisation – solution tailored to work for you

We know that not all customers are the same. With AutoVisor we can customise functions specifically to your needs. For example, some clients use AutoVisor to manage Vehicle PDI and valet functions prior to a delivery. We supply a customised ‘dashboard’ showing progress throughout the day. The dashboard can be displayed on PCs or a 60” screen in the main office, allowing managers to easily keep an eye on backlogs without needing access to the AutoVisor system.


How mature is AutoVisor?

The number of trade users is growing and close to 2 million vehicle movements have been processed.

Is it a GPS tracking system?

Yes and No! It can be but most clients simply want to know if the driver is on schedule. AutoVisor PoD system does know where drivers are and records this data when capturing collection or delivery data. A customised dashboard can display the current position of drivers across the world.

Is it a GPS tracking system?

Nobody likes
unexpected bills when they find out users have been watching videos online using the company data plan. The devices can be locked down to only allow access to specified functionality such as AutoVisor, SMS, Phone and even set data limits. This way you are always in control of costs.

What special equipment do we need?

AutoVisor is an internet based service so you can manage the system with existing PCs and an internet connection. To take advantage of managing vehicle stock and the proof of delivery system, Android phones or tablets can be installed with an app to provide users with full system functionality

Is AutoVisor an App?

Yes and No! AutoVisor is made up of a suite of applications, including an online customer
portal, job management system, and mobile components such as Stock Management
and Proof of Delivery services. The mobile components of the system are Android apps which can be installed on mobile devices and will happily reside with other systems and apps. *IOS version of AutoVisor mobile app available soon.