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AutoVisor for Car Dealers

Car dealers throughout the UK such as Arnold Clark Automobiles, Brindley Garages Group and Sturgess Motor Group use AutoVisor to organise their stock assets and manage the movement of vehicles across their organisations and to their customers, saving time, effort and money.

From the streamlined management of vehicle stock across all group sites, to an online portal allowing branch staff visual access to all stock and the ability to create vehicle movement requests, to a simplified drag and drop job planning system, an electronic proof of delivery system and even internal or external invoicing AutoVisor is helping UK car dealers efficiently and cost effectively deal with their transport management operations.

From small car dealers with only a handful of branches to Europe’s Largest Independent dealer network, AutoVisor offer cost effective, simplified functionality for stock and job management.  With almost 20 years in use and over 2 million job movements processed, AutoVisor is tried and tested software solution from a company you can trust.

Arnold Clark has been using AutoVisor for over 16 years to manage vehicle stock within our compounds across the UK. We recently started using the Proof of Delivery (POD) facility to reduce the time for invoicing after vehicle delivery. I cannot understand how we managed without AutoVisor.

David Green, Arnold Clark Transport

We approached IDCS regarding their AutoVisor product when we were expanding our operation. We could not find anyone else providing exactly what we were looking for. Having installed the system in early 2015, we now simply could not work with out it.

Darren Nicklin, Brindley Garages Group

AutoVisor for Car Dealers

For Car Dealers a typical AutoVisor usage scenario may be:

  1. Vehicles are barcoded and booked into a stock location using an Android phone or tablet device.  AutoVisor captures full vehicle details, including damage information, who booked the vehicle in, and when.
  2. AutoVisor can be used to track details of vehicle PDIs, valet statuses, and more and allows information to be displayed in ‘Dashboard’ format using AutoVisor Vision.
  3. Branch users and sales staff can view and search group stock using an online portal.
  4. Users can request vehicle movements, to a branch, or a customer location using the online portal.
  5. Jobs are created automatically within AutoVisor and transport staff can manage them using the AutoVisor Manager desktop application.

Key Features and Benefits for Car Dealers

Car Dealers using AutoVisor benefit from:

Centralised Vehicle Stock Management
If you are storing high value assets during the movement process, or as part of dealer stock, a centralised view of all assets can be seen across all stock locations.

Customised Reporting
A consistent and company-wide stock control and job management system means management can retrieve accurate and relevant reports when they need it. With the ability to have custom reports or dashboards built for your company, AutoVisor always provides great real time data.

Scalable and Low Cost Investment
No matter the number of sites you have, AutoVisor scales quickly and efficiently to allow all of your organisation to benefit from one consistent system, no matter how large or small your organisation may be.

Limitless Users
Any number of employees can be given access to all or parts of the AutoVisor system. This allows AutoVisor to be a low cost powerful business tool that can be used across the company.

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