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AutoVisor for Vehicle Movement Companies

AutoVisor is a transport management system which allows transport companies to automate and streamline their entire vehicle delivery process.

The vehicle delivery software handles everything from job scheduling, vehicle checks, proof of delivery, electronic signatures and links to invoicing.

Since AutoVisor was developed more than 16 years ago, companies such as Arnold Clark, Leicester-based CVM and Glasgow Car Movers have received a significant return on investment within the first year of implementing the system.

AutoVisor allows companies to save money, boost employee productivity, and process more work quicker than ever before. With nearly 2 million job movements AutoVisor is a tried and tested software solution.

AutoVisor has revolutionised the way we work - I don't know how we managed without it.

John Gorman - Glasgow Car Movers

Vehicle Transport AutoVisor Usage Scenario

  1. Client gets a quote using the Customer Portal – by entering a collection and delivery postcode, the Customer Portal (using Bing! Maps integration) calculates the distance of the job and provides a standard or bespoke customer price automatically
  2. Client creates a job using the customer portal, sending a job import spreadsheet, or by contacting the company
  3. Jobs are are created in AutoVisor Manager (portal and import jobs created automatically – thus reducing data re-entry, mis-typing and time)
  4. Workloads for drivers are planned and assigned using drag and drop functionality in AutoVisor Manager
  5. Jobs and workloads are sent to drivers mobile phones or tablets via the vehicle delivery app
  6. AutoVisor POD software captures all relevant collection and delivery detail – including dates and times of collection/delivery, damage images, customer signatures and GPS locations
  7. Customers sign for the delivery of a vehicle, and AutoVisor POD updates to complete a job almost instantly, allowing invoices to be raised immediately through Sage Accounts or other accounting applications
  8. Clients can use the Customer Portal to see job status information, including when a vehicle was delivered, who signed for it, any damage and GPS locations

Key Features and Benefits for Vehicle Movement Companies

  1. Faster job processing
    • customers can create their own jobs and take the data entry time away from your staff
    • job rates and distances can be calculated automatically using Bing! Maps integration
    • redeploy admin staff to more profitable work
  2. Simplified job planning
    • use drag and drop to move jobs between drivers and then send to drivers mobile devices
  3. Professional customer service
    • customers always have up to date job information via the customer portal
    • allow customers to access proof of delivery documents by automated email or on the customer portal
    • customers can access vehicle damage images online
    • allow access to invoices from the customer portal
  4. Faster invoicing means better cashflow
    • jobs can be invoiced within minutes of being completed – no need to wait for returned paperwork before issuing invoices
  5. Quick return on investment
    • with a straightforward pricing model, AutoVisor offers a return of investment within months (not years)
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