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3rd April 2020

Part Tracker- AutoVisor’s latest release to the dealership industry

From the outset our software positions you in a proactive as opposed to reactive standpoint, a vital asset in the transport industry.

We understand the pressure of parts delivery dealing with high workloads, customer requests and guaranteeing your orders are met in an exemplary manner.
This is why we built our software to enhance your operations as opposed to hinder them, Part Tracker is user friendly and has been designed and created with input from Dealership parts departments so you can be confident it will exceed requirements.

Web App

With regards to daily workloads, part tracker implements a straight-forward system that will standardise procedures and increase productivity whilst saving you precious time.

Office staff can easily input delivery lists, build bespoke driver workloads and then send them directly to the correct driver.
Following this you have a complete visual insight into your daily planning instantly understanding information such as
– ‘en route’ deliveries complete with e.t.a
– List of delivered goods
– location and driver tracking guaranteeing safety and security of staff and assets.

By utilising this dashboard format staff have commented on how much time they have saved in admin and customer relations as they can see at a glance their entire fleet and attached workload.

Displaying this information in a visual format allows you to quickly re-assess progress and make the necessary adjustments to meet deliveries, targets and guarantee you are always one step ahead.

Management have also credited the software with providing them with a simple, comprehensive process to manage inventory, staff and ensure driver satisfaction.

Mobile App

A key factor in their driver satisfaction is our mobile app, this works in conjunction with the back-office software.

Our mobile app can be used on any android device and introduces seamless communication amongst departments alongside the distribution of information.

Our feedback from delivery drivers has been overwhelming with many grateful for automated and faster processes.
Office staff now have a direct means of communication with drivers allowing them to easily update them with customer notes, traffic updates and any other necessary information. With how often and quickly a day can change this has been a welcome addition.

In terms of parts deliveries the handover process has been entirely streamlined saving your driver time, hassle and undue stress. They can now use their mobile app to collect an e-signature, complete POD documentation and take photographic evidence should they need to deliver the part to a ‘safe place’. This procedure standardises process for drivers and clients whilst ensuring all data is collected and stored online meaning that should any discrepancies occur you can easily rectify it.

Overall, Part Tracker grants parts departments with an entirely streamlined procedure for their delivery management whilst saving them time and money.
The information gained from our software combined with the visual insight to your deliveries has allowed departments to further improve and enhance their operations.

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