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The portal allows your customers to:

  • Create vehicle movement jobs
  • Receive a quote online
  • Live progress updates on jobs
  • Access to invoices
  • Access to POD documentation
  • Access to damage images
  • Review previous job history
  • Accessible on any browser on any device

Vehicle movement jobs requested within the portal will automatically be imported to your AutoVisor Desktop application, reducing the need for data entry and human error.

Thanks to the AutoVisor Customer Portal, vehicle delivery companies and departments can give their customers quick and easy access to all the information that they need, 24 hours a day.

As a result of the information being available in the portal, the number of incoming telephone calls and emails requests looking for updates is reduced, allowing you to focus on the business of moving vehicles.

The benefits

Reduce number of telephone and email enquires and data entry allowing staff to focus on more profitable work

Improve customer service by offering a quick and standardised process

Offer your customers peace of mind with the ability to track progress of their jobs

All documentation stored online making it instantly accessible to you and your customer