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Web App

  • Assign delivery workloads to drivers
  • Intuitive route planning
  • Live tracking of drivers’ whereabouts
  • Dashboard for quick view of ‘en route’ and outstanding deliveries with estimated arrival times
  • Clear visibility of what parts have been delivered
  • Messaging function to drivers and receive notification when message is read
  • Access to Proof of Delivery (POD) documentation instantly
  • View where on map the delivery was collected
  • Integration to customer and supplier database
  • Customer address information pre-populates to reduce data entry
  • Daily reporting tools

Mobile app

  • Receive list of deliveries to be made in day
  • Ability to re-order delivery list which is then visible to office staff
  • Collect electronic signature for ePOD upon delivery completion
  • Photo capture if part delivered to a safe place
  • POD made instantly available to office and to customer

The benefits

Full and instant access to POD online planning

Keep track of parts and drivers

Improved customer service

Save time with efficient route documentation