How it works


Customer makes an enquiry for a vehicle movement. (The customer can enquire by phone, email or the online customer portal)


A quotation is created once AutoVisor knows the collection/destination addresses, the type of vehicle and customer. Clients can access the quote online or discuss with a member of staff before placing an order.

Order Placed

The customer can accept the quotation for a job online, by phone or email.

Job Created

AutoVisor creates jobs with distances calculated using Bing! Maps integration and can use these details to help staff schedule jobs. Jobs can then be intuitively assigned to drivers.

Job Accepted

Drivers receive the jobs on an app via a mobile or tablet device and then proceed to the vehicle collection point

Vehicle Collection Process

At collection, the driver assesses the vehicle to record details of damage, mileage, number of keys, environmental factors etc. Photographic evidence of vehicle conditions and GPS coordinates can be captured to provide enhanced information. A signature is collected from the customer. As soon as the vehicle is collected, the transport staff and customers are updated on the progress.

In Transit

Progress of jobs can be monitored with estimated delivery times provided.

Vehicle Delivery Process

At delivery, a full vehicle assessment including damage, fuel levels, mileage etc is carried out. Photographs and GPS coordinates are captured along with a signature of the receiving driver.

PoD Communicated to HQ

All information is immediately made available to staff at HQ and customers via an online portal or electronic PDF receipts.

Invoice Raised

As soon as a job is delivered, AutoVisor can automatically send invoices to Sage Accounts applications, or generate custom invoices, which can be emailed to clients.

How it works