Vision Dashboard

AutoVisor Vision Dashboard – See What Matters

Everybody loves a big TV – so why not have one in your office showing the information that makes your business tick.


AutoVisor Dashboard Information

The AutoVisor solution holds a vast range of data about your vehicle transport department and this information can be selectively formatted and displayed in a convenient dashboard.  Using the dashboard solution, users can quickly see issues before they arise.  Management teams can quickly glance at a dashboard and determine where action needs to be taken.


What Can AutoVision Display?

Any of the data held within AutoVisor can be formatted and displayed on a dashboard.  For example, we have clients who use the AutoVisor solution to manage the quality checking of vehicles before they leave for delivery.  In this instance, the dashboard can display:

  • up coming work
  • work which is running behind
  • work which is currently in progress
  • completed work


See the Vision Dashboard in Action

If you would like to see the Vision dashboard or any other part of AutoVisor in action, why not subscribe to one of our weekly webinars – they run twice every Thursday.  Alternatively contact us and we can arrange a time to show you the system either online or face to face at a time that suits you.