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About us

AutoVisor’s vehicle delivery and vehicle stock software has been developed for around 20 years. Over these years we have expanded our number of clients and become a market leader for software solutions within the vehicle distribution industry.

As our software is solely dedicated to the automotive industry, we are experts in our field and have a true understanding of what the industry demands.

This is why we are constantly updating, improving and adding new features in order to ensure our clients’ businesses run efficiently and profitably.

AutoVisor is committed to optimising the vehicle transport process through tried and tested software solutions provided to vehicle transporters, trade plate organisations and car dealerships.

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Our Process

We use a thorough, tried and tested process for implementing our automotive software. Our process ensures we have a full understanding of your business and its requirements; allowing for a smooth, hassle-free implementation of AutoVisor every time.

Initial consultancy

An initial visit will take place where we visit your site, review your current processes, make recommendations and demonstrate applicable elements of our software. We know every business is different so its important we get to know you. We will send you a consultation report with recommendations for your business processes.

Training session

After agreeing upon software implementation, we will spend around 2 days at your office training relevant staff in how they will interact with the software. AutoVisor is extremely simple to use however we know nobody likes change which is why we like to spend time with your staff to ensure they are happy and confident with the software.

Customer familiarisation

We will leave you with a demo version of the software which will allow your staff to carry out test jobs in using the software to ensure they are comfortable with the system before it goes live. AutoVisor software is extremely user friendly and, as such, this process usually only takes a week or two.

Feedback meeting

After staff have completed the familiarisation phase, we will meet again to review feedback and make any necessary changes or lend a hand with any queries you have.

Parallel run

If you already have an existing software in place, it can be an option to run AutoVisor in parallel with your existing system for the first two weeks to ensure there are no errors made during the changeover period.

Live deployment

You are fully up and running with AutoVisor and will start to see business efficiency improvements immediately.

Meet the team

Meet the talented individuals we employ to create innovative software solutions and support our clients’ businesses.

Iain Dunbar
Managing Director/Creator
Dream car: Ferrari 488 Pista in red

Lifelong car enthusiast, Iain, is the man behind AutoVisor. Originally creating this vehicle movement and vehicle stock software tool around 20 years ago, Iain is now dedicated to constantly updating the software and adding new features to ensure it keeps up with the demands of the industry and our clients. Iain spends most of his time travelling up and down the M6 to keep in touch with our existing clients and visiting new organisations who would like to work with us to improve their processes.

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Daniel Fowler
Senior Developer
Dream car: Lamborghini Aventador

Right behind Iain, Daniel is the longest serving member of the organisation. Daniel’s main focus is the development of new products to meet the demands of the industry. Most recently, Daniel has led the development of Hire Drive for Arnold Clark’s corporate car hiring operations.

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Ross Macey
Senior Developer
Dream car: Audi R8 V10 black paint, window and wheels

Ross works closely with our new and existing clients in establishing accurate and efficient timelines for software implementation, ensuring a process that works in line with our clients’ needs and business conditions.  Ross also plays a role in establishing internal frameworks and timelines as well as maintaining our ISO quality standards to ensure high quality and timely processes.

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Iain Thomson
Mobile Specialist
Dream car: Maserati Granturismo

Iain has a focus on our mobile driver apps – ensuring our clients’ drivers remain connected to the office and can complete their collections and vehicle checks at all times. Iain works to ensure our mobiles apps are fully optimised to provide drivers with a quick and simple process for their daily operations. Making the apps easy to use is always at the forefront of Iain’s development.

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Donald McDonald
Technical Support Manager
Dream car: Rosalina from Mario Kart’s Quadbike

Donald provides technical support to our AutoVisor clients – he will most likely be the person who answers when you call! Donald is involved in supporting the development of new AutoVisor features and ensuring our clients demands are met.

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Archie Thomson
Junior Software Developer
Dream car: Datsun 240z 1973

As the newest member of the team, fellow car enthusiast Archie is learning the ropes of AutoVisor development. Archie offers a helping hand to developing updates, fixing bugs and testing new features.

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Alfie Dunbar
Head of Security
Dream car: Any vehicle he can stick his head out although he has become accustomed to a Porsche.

Alfie has the most important role of the office of heading up security and acting as a therapet to all staff members. Morale always remains high while Alfie is about!

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