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The AutoVisor driver app will function on any android device and enables drivers to receive jobs electronically, complete vehicle checks, record vehicle images as evidence of damage and capture electronic signatures as proof of delivery

The app links to our AutoVisor Vehicle Movements software with device tracking and instant access to POD documentation so that you never lose track of your drivers or paperwork and can invoice your customers immediately.


The benefits

Perfect information given to driver, no jobs duplicated

Save money on fuel with intelligent fuel estimates

Avoid unwanted fines by ensuring vehicle checks and damage images are thoroughly completed

Complete vehicle checks faster with no need to duplicate checks on other apps

No lost paperwork as all documentation is stored online and available to both drivers and office staff instantly

Better customer service as you have complete visibility of drivers’ location at all times


Driver collection & deliveries

  • Movement jobs assigned to driver
  • Driver can verify jobs/workload
  • Driver receives live job updates
  • Fuel estimates given for trade plate drivers based on car and distance
  • Complete full vehicle checks using intuitive vehicle schematic
  • Record vehicle damage with photo capture
  • Capture electronic signature
  • Obtain electronic POD
  • Integration with MoDel when necessary

Back Office

  • Manifest/assign jobs to drivers
  • Live driver tracking
  • Instant access to POD documentation and damage images

Pay and

  • Timesheets automatically calculated
  • Drivers can add expenses with photographic evidence
  • Job splitting automatically calculated
  • Pay rate can be calculated based on daily or mileage rate or both
  • Handle pay for employees and subcontractors
  • Integration with your invoicing process including Sage, Xero and Quickbooks