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How it works


Vehicles Barcoded

Vehicles are barcoded and booked into a stock location using an Android phone or tablet device. AutoVisor captures full vehicle details, including damage information, who booked the vehicle in, and when.



AutoVisor can be used to track details of vehicle PDIs, valet statuses, and more and allows information to be displayed in a ‘Dashboard’ format.


Online Portal

Branch users and sales staff can view and search group stock using an online portal.


Vehicle Movements

Users can request vehicle movements, to a branch, or a customer location using the online portal.

The benefits

Complete stock visibility across all dealerships and compounds

Quick, accurate and simplified stock taking

Standardised process across entire organisation

Accurate and specific vehicle and key location information

Reduction in number of phone calls between branches and compounds due to complete stock and delivery visibility

Ensure no vehicles leave compounds unauthorised

Mobile app

  • Guided vehicle check when vehicle is delivered to compound
  • Barcode scan to identify car
  • Capture delivery information such as origin, driver and delivery company
  • Capture vehicle information such as make, model, colour, keys, mileage
  • Vehicle schematic to detail vehicle damage with photo capture
  • Intuitive memory storage to reduce data entry
  • Specific location or bay number selection for area of compound which the vehicle is parked in
  • Capture information of staff member who has completed check in and who has parked the vehicle
  • Keys barcoded and scanned by key operator in key shed/cabinet
  • Keys can be scanned to find all collected information regarding the vehicle and its location
  • Ability to complete stock take by simply scanning barcoded vehicles in certain areas
  • Notification to block vehicle from leaving if movement is not authorised
  • Fill in driver and destination info for outgoing vehicles leaving compound
  • Can be used on any android mobile or tablet device

Back office

  • Vehicle search for entire group vehicle stock
  • Full vehicle details available
  • Exact vehicle location information
  • Exact key location
  • Delivery time and supplier information
  • Create movement jobs when vehicle is leaving compound; this will then send outgoing vehicle and destination information to mobile app
  • Movement job created will also be sent to either internal drivers or email sent to contractors with relevant paperwork to complete vehicle movement
  • Autofills information based on reg plate (if vehicle is registered)
  • Autofills address information based on postcode
  • If your organisation carries out its own vehicle deliveries, AutoVisor Vehicle Movements can then be used with full integration to stock system

Branches & sales staff

  • Sales staff in branches can search all group stock across dealerships and compounds
  • Full vehicle information stored
  • Sales staff can request vehicle movements to branch or to customer
  • Access to real time vehicle delivery information
  • This can be restricted based upon your requirements