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25th August 2019

10 reasons why your organisation needs AutoVisor

Recent market research into the transport industry has indicated that a rising number of organisations are turning to transport management software to help manage operations and optimise their fleet.

This research, completed by leading industry personnel, has revealed that there is a rapid increase in companies moving towards more advanced and reliable cloud-based software.

Due to this, many organisations are implementing AutoVisor into their branches to keep up with industry demand and customer expectations.

Outlined below are 10 reasons for introducing AutoVisor into your organisation:

1.     Streamlined Processes

AutoVisor supports the full vehicle movement process from initial request through planning to movement and payment meaning that your entire organisation can benefit. Installing AutoVisor introduces a detailed yet simple system for staff to follow thus removing disjointed operations and the associated issues.

2.     Cloud-based software

Cloud based software consolidates all information online eliminating any risk of missing or inaccurate paperwork. This information is then instantly available to staff in any location 24/7. This removes any delays in communication or information.

Using cloud-based software implements a degree of flexibility whilst ensuring security.

3.     Increased Revenue

AutoVisor has multiple features which, if utilised, can increase your revenue.

Our customer portal and planning feature help you build a higher workload by reaching a wider clientele and facilitating advanced planning through full visibility of upcoming work, driver schedules and route planning.

Our ability to integrate with accountancy software, such as sage, allows creation of instant invoices upon completion of a vehicle movement and in turn quicker turnaround of cash flow.

4.     Customer Retention

The Customer Portal allows you to effortlessly expand your customer base.

It appeals to potential clients as it provides them with confidence and security in your organisation, they can request a movement themselves, access their documentation 24/7 and track their movement online providing overall reassurance in your business and staff.

It secures existing customers by standardising processes and guaranteeing a positive customer experience ensuring repeat custom.

Furthermore, the customer portal reduces stress levels in staff as it significantly lowers admin levels and customer relation time allowing them to focus on more efficient tasks.

5.     Planning

The AutoVisor software allows for advanced planning of your vehicle movements facilitating higher workloads and simplified operations. It provides an unparalleled view over drivers, including sub-contractors, and upcoming work creating a clearer insight into opportunities and gaps. Our clients have saved hours of time, increased their clientele and their revenue through using our planning element alone.

Our intuitive drag and drop interface lets you build workloads quickly and efficiently and send them out to drivers’ POD apps as and when you need to, furthermore, this creates seamless communication and ensures drivers have live information.

6.     Centralised Vehicle Stock Management

AutoVisor provides a centralised view of all stock simplifying processes for managers. It offers cost effective and simplified operations to support stock and job management.

For car dealerships AutoVisor has proven indispensable amongst their branches as it allows them to efficiently manage stock, workloads and drivers.

For branch staff installing AutoVisor gives them an online portal and visual access to all stock in all locations and the ability to create vehicle movement requests.

7.     Tracking

The ability to track your vehicles is pertinent to both your organisation and clients, it provides security, reassurance and efficient monitoring of both drivers and routes.

AutoVisor software provides comprehensive real time tracking which staff can easily oversee from the office removing any safety concerns and inputting a standardised process.

Using data collected from driver routes staff can re-evaluate workloads and increase efficiencies.

8.     Vehicle Damage Checks

We realise the importance of not only completing thorough vehicle damage checks but the storage of this information. Therefore, our POD app guides drivers through a quick yet vigorous checklist ensuring they have checked every area available and that nothing will be missed. Drivers can also capture photographic evidence of damage which will subsequently be stored on the POD device and become instantly accessible to back office staff.

Automating this process ensures no missing or damaged paperwork and that all information can be accessed when necessary.

9.     Managing sub-contractors

AutoVisor has simplified the process of managing sub-contractors. As manager, you can supervise both employed and non- employed drivers in the same manner increasing productivity, morale and efficiencies. For sub-contractors, it simplifies processes, helps build higher workloads and increases communication.

Overall, this system streamlines operations and removes the issues that surround sub-contracting work.

10.  Scalable

Irrespective of how many branches you have, from 2 to 200, AutoVisor can scale to meet your requirements. In addition to this, we have limitless users to ensure that if you expand, we can provide continuous support.

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