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12th February 2020

Our Driver POD App

AutoVisor is Europe’s leading vehicle movement logistics toolkit and is continuously expanding, one of the main reasons for this is the proof of delivery component.

One of the main issues our clients face is  ‘paperwork hell’  our online system removes this stress creating a consistent, professional and paper free alternative to vehicle collection and delivery documentation.

How it Works 

Our driver app streamlines the transport process and provides multiple benefits which improve cash flow and efficiency.

The planning team send the jobs directly to the AutoVisor app which is available on their drivers mobile or tablet device, this way they have complete control over which driver receives each collection or delivery.

Once the job has been sent it will appear on their  app home screen:
(see below)

There are four sections to the app, verify, work load, messages and expenses.
Initially all jobs go to the verify page, this lists all the available jobs that the logged in driver has yet to confirm.

Once the driver has clicked confirm on a job it will transfer to the work load screen (see below), this screen shows all jobs which the driver has accepted and that are ready for collection and/or delivery.

Upon collection and delivery of the vehicle the driver can fill in all the relevant vehicle details such as mileage, number of keys etc.

They can also record vehicle damage using the vehicle interface (see below) to select specific areas of the vehicle and record photographic evidence if necessary.

Alongside this it allows for you to collect electronic signatures from the customer confirming these details and finalising proof of delivery. By following this easy process your company can reap many benefits such as:

·     Removing the hassle of paperwork and the fear of losing documentation
·     Removing the need to undertake journeys to deliver paperwork, saving time and fuel.
·     Reduced customer complaints due to transparency of information.
·     Environmentally friendly as it is paper free
·     Increased revenue and quicker turnaround of cash flow due to faster invoicing
·     A transparent process throughout
·     Every driver follows the same process creating a fast, reliable service that can meet both customer expectations and demand

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